I gave up a corporate life to travel the world full-time. This site gathers the journeys, destinations and Big Trips I’ve taken before and after becoming a Digital Nomad. I share more than 200 posts with road trips, reviews, guides, illuminated by photos and videos to inspire your travel imagination. There are tips and how-tos, including how to get started in getting on the road.
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Collecting my campervan: what really happened

You may have read that I bought a campervan (here’s that post). I uploaded a follow-up video about collecting my campervan a day or so ago and it went live today. Some subscribers were kind enough to contact me to wish me well or to say something about the camper that they liked. I was … Read more

I bought a campervan: an unexpected adventure

After I sold my house in Ireland earlier in 2022, I had two things in mind. First, to use the proceeds to buy a small house, probably overseas (to minimise any future mortgage) and, second, to buy some kind of van, whether an old Sprinter to convert or a finished motorhome. >There is a video … Read more

Nomadic Update: June 2022 Newsletter

Hi, it’s Patrick here from Planet Patrick.  This is your June 2022 Nomadic Update newsletter. I hope you find ideas that inspire plans for your own travel as well as tips and tricks for those of us looking for alternative lives beyond the corporate desk. This is Life as a Digital Nomad.  REMEMBER: Newsletter subscribers get … Read more

Starlink & the Digital Drag… Should I order Starlink for RVs?

The biggest drag in the world for Digital Nomads, or people who are ‘location independent’ is getting a reliable internet service. I create content every day, whether videos for YouTube, blogs here at PlanetPatrick.net or food reviews at Absolutely Stuffed (.com). That doesn’t even include Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or Facebook pages. >Jump to video version … Read more


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