Planning a Round the World Trip for 2017

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I am planning my first major round the world trip to take place in 2017. At the time of writing, I am housesitting for friends who live in the South of Spain near Marbella because they are on their honeymoon!

Patrick pictured at Cabopino beach in Spain ahead of planning a Round the World Trip for 2017

As I write right at the end of December 2016, I’m working on two things:

  1. A dissertation for a Masters Degree in International relations at Queen’s University, Belfast
  2. A round the world trip, stopping off in some places I already know and love, as well as others that I’ve only ever dreamt about

Planning Travel & Writing

This website is at such an early stage, but I will look at both subjects: dissertation and trip, particularly as both will be, to some extent, about transience, movement and migration. I care about travel and I’ve started thinking about questions like why I get to travel while other people don’t (and also don’t want to). I haven’t planned a Round the World trip like this one before.

A major part of my decisions will be HOW I travel Round the World. I have started looking at using a OneWorld Round the World ticket to keep flight costs low. There is a lot more research to be done and I hope to share that with you here as well as the experiences of the places that I visit.

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