Landing in London Gatwick, it was straight on to the Southern service (despite their recent strikes, I got lucky with a fast service).



The dark tower on the left was my old workplace – beside the rather more glamorous Gherkin!


There was just time to meet this rascal, Michael, for a catch-up!  With a fine tan from spending far too much time in the South of Spain!


I was delighted to visit my favourite lunch-time haunt (with every other City worker) – Itsu.  Delicious sushi.  Yummmm.


So I ordered my currency for this trip online.  I found I got a much better deal.  This looks like a LOT of money! It’s not, to be honest – just enough cash to pay for a taxi and meal in each location I will visit.  If it got nicked, it would be annoying but not the end of the world.


Cash in pocket, it was back to the Aviva building to start to meet colleagues!


The building went through a makeover last year (the lobby, at least) and it looks a lot better from outside.


‘Former’ is better than ‘old’, isn’t it?  This is my FORMER colleague, Karen! She hates pictures and is holding a luscious gift bag over her face in which she had bought me a brilliant journal and pen for my travels!  You’ve got to love friends!


Michael, Ange, Ajit and Ken led the charge for G&Ts at Revolution in the City.  Delicious! Great craic had by all!


This venue must have been a bank in a former life – look at the size of that safe door!


To end the night, it was on to Burger & Lobster for a sweet lobster brioche and fries!  Delicious!


Day 1 was pretty crowded – let’s see how the rest of it goes!

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