Lounge: Belfast International – Causeway

Belfast is the starting point for my 2017 round-the-world trip!

The first lounge that I got to try on my recently acquired Priority Pass was the Causeway lounge at Belfast International Airport.  It’s situated airside between gates 16 and 17 and is clearly signposted.


The staff were friendly and reminded me (at 9am) that only three alcoholic beverages would be served per customer.   The check-in clerk was more than a little surprised at MY surprise when I questioned that anyone would drink so early!


The seating was pretty comfortable and the lounge is laid out to resemble the hexagonal shape of the stones at the Giant’s Causeway.  Ish. Sort of.


And yes… if you’re wondering… that’s all the luggage that I’m taking with me on my round the world trip!

Breakfast was available in the form of porridge pots, fresh fruit and hot bacon brioche rolls with brown or red sauce.  Just the ticket at the start of a delayed Ryanair flight to London Gatwick!!


So it begins… the first day of a five month trip!  Next stop London!

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