Flight: Virgin LHR-JNB – London to Johannesburg

Flying Upper Class with Virgin really is a pleasure.  The team were hyper-friendly (they could teach some of their grumpier lounge colleagues a lesson or two!).

In this post, I’m trying out a new image display (see the tiled format below). I think you can still click through each image if you want to see it up close! Let me know if you think this works or if you prefer image by image…

This time, the accessories bag was smaller, although it had the same items (eye mask, tooth kit, ear plugs, etc).  I’m afraid I accidentally left it behind!

The food was excellent – a light tomato soup as starter and chicken with veggies for main.  It struck the right balance of tasty but just enough.  Least said about the salted caramel chocolate hot pudding the better 🙂  Clearly I didn’t eat it. *Cough.

The bathrooms on this flight were amazing – at least double the size of standard business class toilets – meaning there was plenty of room to get changed into your Virgin pyjamas!

Breakfast included the full works, hot croissants and tea or coffee. Again, it was served quickly and as people woke up – no-one came along to poke you with a stick because they were ready with their trolley (I’m talking about you, BA!).  Some clients chose not to be woken for breakfast and slept right through.

I reckon I got about 6 hours sleep on an overall 10.5 hour flight, which I can’t complain about.  I did use a second blow-up pillow that I had brought with me and I think that made all the difference.  As my next 12 flights will be economy, I’m hoping my trusty pillow will help me get a little rest on the road!

Overall score for the flight: 10 out of 10

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