Don’t you just love supermarkets away from home? Well, I do! Especially when there’s weird and wonderful stuff which everyone thinks of as normal in that country.  Who said Irish black pudding was weird….???

Today’s victim is Checkers Hyper in Sandton Mall in Johannesburg.  It’s in a lovely mall, it’s massive, bound to be some tasty treats!


I have a weird relationship with offal. I just can’t…


Isn’t this a great name for cola? You can just see them around the marketing table… Trouser cola… no… Unzip me cola… hmmm… zip cola! Hurrah, a marketing triumph!


The Black Cat peanut butter (because cats love peanuts, wtf?) reminded me of an uncomfortable moment in history with Robinson’s jams.  Least said soonest mended!


What is it with chicken offal? Good to see everything being used up, I guess!  Giblets, gizzards and necks.  Stir fry, anyone?


Now this is more like it! EET-SUM-MOR – I don’t mind if I do!


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