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Eating Out: Food Court, Sandton City, Johannesburg, RSA

When you’re travelling the world (and writing about it), it looks like I’m eating out in fancy spots all the time!

Couldn’t be further from the truth! To make things affordable, breakfast tends to be in the hotel room (either a protein bar and coffee or, if there is a mini fridge, some cereal in a glass!).  Dinners might be out, depending on the cost of the location and then lunch somewhere less costly.

So it was I became good friends with the Food Court in Sandton City.  There’s a pretty good range of food options including usual suspects like Chinese and sushi (never trust sushi in a food court).

Some other faces are a bit more familiar, including Krispy Kreme and Cinnabon, which made it to RSA as cafes (and not the UK or Ireland, yet!)

My favourite was Fishaways and not because they serve all their food in polystyrene fish (though that was a large part of it!).  Their USP is either grilled or fried fish with fries or salad.  The option below was grilled hake with fries.  Mostly their food was really good (even if Food Court service might not come with a smile!).  However, I struck out on my last visit before heading for the airport – this fish was dry and tasted of mackerel (which is not on the menu).

As I type, I’m wishing I tried out the cool tandoori place. Bummer!

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