Foods: Supermarket shopping in Buenos Aires – tins of gentleman all round

Even when you have a limitless budget (*cough), it makes sense to keep some snacks and fruit in your room to keep hunger pangs at bay until your reservation at the local Michelin star joint spins around.

Welcome back to my occasional series on random things in the supermarket that caught my eye 🙂

With Easter upon us, Argentinian supermarkets had stocked up on Easter Eggs.  Interestingly, not presented in ginormous wooden and plastic edifices like in Ireland/the UK, but simply wrapped in fancy coloured paper and plastic.


Mmm, there’s those Bon a Bon again – like Ferrero Rocher without the entire ambassador, of which more in a future post!


I wasn’t in the mood for opera, but La Traviata would never be far from your lips, should cracker hunger attack you.


Not funny, but the Argentinians do love their Dulce de Leche.  Got a creme caramel already sweet enough to melt your molars? That’s right, splodge a tablespoon of dulce de leche on top.


Oh look, another aisle of dulce de leche! Dentistry must be a lucrative job in Buenos Aires!


This came home with me. I love a bit of mayo on a sandwich – and this came handily in small stand-up sachets! Perfect for a two week visit!


Everyone loves a Paty, or at least a Patrick, don’t they?  Have a Paty sausage while you’re at it. Don’t say no one offered.


There were NO porridge oats in my local supermarket. So these crispy somethings came back with me.  They tasted healthy, so all good on the fibre front 🙂


Who doesn’t need a couple of tins of ‘gentleman’ in their cupboard? And when you get bored with those, you’ve always got some pears to chow down on.


And finally in today’s delicious post, Tubitos – they promised a lot and delivered some mouldy chocolate and damp tubes.  If I could work out how to do a sad face: sad face.