Restaurants: Le Pain Quotidien, Palermo, Buenos Aires

Wandering through the deep halls of Canary Wharf station, you will come across a giant Le Pain Quotidien.  On about every third block corner in New York City, there’s a big Le Pain Quotidien (LPQ).  On the backstreets of … well, you catch my drift.

It’s day 1 after a night of endless noise (drilling at 4am feels a little early for street workers to get started) and I wanted something munchy but familiar.


In case you’ve never been, LPQ offers a mix of shared refectory-style tables, smaller 2-person tables and a lot of carbs.  It’s basically lots of type of open sandwich (tartines), eggs, salmon, lots of Danish pastries and muffins, kind of bakery stuff.  But you can do healthy.

This one is pretty charming and is in a good part of Bs As.


The interior is in Tuscan sunset styling and it got busy pretty quickly.  This being my first restaurant in Bs As, it’s where I learned the “waiters do not react to you at any time unless they were coming to you anyway” approach to service.  And they were rude.  But that’s okay.

I chose the healthiest thing I could track down, a lightly dressed chicken salad tartine on rye bread with my trusty sparkling water.  The sandwich came with a side of pomegranate molasses which seemed an odd addition if one worth trying out.


On one of the three visits the waiter made to my side of the room, I extracted the wifi code and spent a happy hour over coffee plotting this very website!


So, an LPQ is reliable and tasty for a light lunch, but don’t expect silver service and you’ll be all set!