Pani, Recoleta, Buenos Aires – Well bred bread?

Restaurant: Pani Recoleta
Location: Vicente López 2056, C1128 ACF, Buenos Aires, Argentina  
Opening Hours: Su-W: 10am-10pm, Th-Sa: 10am-12am
Website: Click here

First off, a tour around a cemetery to visit the grave of Eva Peron gives you a surprisingly generous appetite.  Happily, nearby the corner of the graveyard stands the rather pleasant Recoleta Mall, which boded well for something quick to hit the spot. I hadn’t found anything tip top beside my Buenos Aires hotel, although I had had high hopes for La Cholita.

Recoleta Mall is shown, which I had hoped might have food options
Recoleta Mall, Buenos Aires

As you can see, there is a McDonalds, which is sometimes just the ticket, but not today. I walked around the block first before settling on Pani, a bread-based cafe that looked really quite nice.

Pani Café

I chose Pani Café which has a very colourful interior.
Lots of thought has been put into the interior design

The owners made a lot of effort with the colourful interior design.  In addition, there were tables for 2s and 4s and a communal table in the centre, which is a feature of many restaurants in Argentina that I really like!

The Service Issue

Service in Buenos Aires restaurants can be rather problematic. Here it was a chore for everyone concerned. I doubt that any service job is easy, to which my own teenage years with a hotel job can attest. I did come close to leaving after a 20 minute wait with my hand gently raised.

A bread basket full of unusually shaped bread products
A charming tin bowl with poorly-bred bread

A ‘basket’ of bread came in a charming tin bowl and each one had an interesting shape and texture. Let’s start with the good. At the bottom was what I call ‘cheesy ball’ bread and I’m sure there’s a much better term (a search shows the term ‘chipas’ might be right – do please comment if you know).  These were delicious, as were the cheese sticks. Despite the interesting shapes, the bread on top was not fully cooked and the dough was raw in places. I don’t think that’s good enough.

The accompanying dip was sharp and unctuous at the same time, which is certainly a plus point.

The waiter brought a small serving bowl of sour cream.

I did appreciate the dark and mysterious interior, which looked like it could have come from a movie set in the 19th century.

The interior is dark and mysterious.  This picture shows tables for two lined against a row of windows.

Unexpected Extras

In due course, the food arrived. I had ordered a chicken sandwich, which arrived with an unexpected side of potato wedges (never a bad thing).

The sandwich or burger-style bread looks adorable and fluffy, like an Argentinian version of a bao bun, but it did not taste good. It was damp, underbaked and ‘clingy’, sticking to the teeth. What had been promised was a brioche roll, and if this is what everyone expects at Pani, then fine, I am willing to be the outlier. There are few bread rolls that I will not enjoy, but this one had to be removed. There was a plus side: the chicken coating was crunchy and well-seasoned.

My chicken sandwich came with a very damp bread roll as well as unexpected potato wedges.

It’s ironic that the best thing about a bread cafe is everything which isn’t bread. Service was dreadful. I wouldn’t bother throwing my Buenos Aires travel budget at this one.

Disclaimer: I visited in 2017, so it’s possible that service and bread-preparation has improved greatly since then.