Restaurants: Burger 54, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires – don’t waste your pesos

Fancy burger places abound in Ireland, the UK and North America.  Usually, the premium is in the beef, it’s nicely prepared, of good quality, the bun is brioche or sourdough and the salad is delicious.

The pricing has reached Buenos Aires, but the quality aspect didn’t hit Burger 54.


The design and website are well considered – the ethos reads well and I was drawn in to give it a go.


Ordering was a struggle, despite the fact that large parts of the menu are in English.  I was embarrassed to have to pronounce English with a Spanish accent to ask for my burger.


Layout is fine – though the aluminium chairs do squeal as they are moved.


Napkins are very low grade.


There was a lot of staff on the main floor, but none of them were cleaning up dirty tables.


Chips with a fried egg were okay – pretty much dried out so there was no fluffy centre.


This is the second time I’ve encountered this wet bread in Buenos Aires.  Maybe it’s everyone’s favourite, but it wasn’t the promised brioche nor anything like it.

I can only tell you the burger had too much gristle and I had to leave it behind.  It was pretty gross to be honest.  You would seriously be better off going to McDonalds, which would also be half the price.  Don’t bother with Burger 54.


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