Restaurants: La Pecora Nera, Recoleta, Buenos Aires – Loved It!

I struggled to find decent food (that I liked) in Buenos Aires. Until, that is, I stumbled across La Pecora Nera.  It looked like it might be outside of my modest food budget, given that I’ll be travelling for more than 5 months. But as it was around Easter time, and I hadn’t had a fancy meal, I thought I’d suck it up.


I read that weekday lunch offered a decent value, so off I trundled on a Thursday lunchtime with the knowledge that the staff won’t open their locked door until you’ve knocked a couple of times.

I happened upon a bemused American couple at the door, twisting the handle and rapping on the door. “Just wait”, I advised them, “apparently, it’s a think”.

Moments later, we were all allowed in to the darkened salon, a bit like the inside of Dracula’s handbag, as someone once describe the Malmaison Hotel in Belfast.


The weekday menu was presented and, given the prices everywhere else in BA, I was shocked that a three course menu with a glass of house wine or bottled water was coming in at under £15 or $19.  AND they take credit cards (what a shock given most other place were cash only)! First up was bread and this was palatable and came with a small dish of chilled and salted butter. Nice.


Look, I’m even happy-ish!

From the starters, I picked a strudel of sweetcorn, which had a corn and pepper sauce (which was delicious).  The vegetation on top was a wilted rocket, I think. Nicely seasoned throughout but still light.  A perfect starter.


For main, I recognised that there was chicken on the menu!  This came with a Malbec wine sauce and confit potatoes.  This was just enough (I don’t like too much potato or starch if one is having courses).  The Malbec sauce was very interesting in a good way.  A little sharp, but no harm.


Dessert made my TOP FIVE EVER!  It was a dense chocolate ice cream studded with candied orange peel.  I’m not normally a fan of chocolate desserts, but this was really stunning.


The bar was in a gloriously dark corner.


And there were apples everywhere.  Waxed or real? I’m not sure!


This was the best restaurant I went to in Buenos Aires by far! Go there if you’re there!

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