Restaurants: La Pecora Nera revisited – Buenos Aires

You might have seen my first review of La Pecora Nera here.

I liked it so much, I went back for more! Here’s what I had…


Yes, I’m easily fooled by lots of clean glasses and good silverware.


And you’ve got to love a good chandelier!


I arrived early on this Friday lunchtime, not long after they open at 12.30pm.

First up was a form of Caprese salad – which usually is beautifully ripe plum tomatoes with fresh mozzarella.  This take was a stack of warmed tomato with melted cheese (not mozzarella, I think, but more like a Gouda – nice though).  The salad was dressed with toasted seeds and nuts.


Main course was a creamy polenta, soaked in butter and dressed with a meatball ragu.  It combined veal and pork and was rich with tomato flavour and the fresh aniseed tang of basil.  Mostly, I think polenta is like baby food and I keep ordering it to see if it can carry other flavours.  It took a lot of the parmesan (see the small bowl?) to give the necessary flavour to the polenta.  It was good, but not great.


I held back from a heavy dessert (for once!) and went for a coffee to wrap things up.  This was a good second attempt at La Pecora Nera, but the first visit was much better!