Am I still writing blog posts about Argentina? I sure am! Last couple to tidy things up and make the trip complete.  Late in my visit, I discovered Quotidiano, an Italian-style restaurant in Recoleta which WASN’T hyper expensive (shock!).


Reviews showed that they were best known for light but delicious pasta dishes.


The prospect of carbs does make me smile a bit!


I was seated in a shared table in the middle of a bustling lunch room.  The clientele was largely people out for a quick lunch hour from work.


It didn’t stop people having a large glass of red!


I like that pots of fresh herbs (hopefully?) were placed on each table.  Makes things feel fresh.


Everything is heavily branded with this Q shape.


Here we go!  Tortellini stuffed with chicken and with the most delicious fresh herb butter dressing.  Light but with a touch of richness.


Mmm, the happy face returns!


Just time for one more photograph of their big logo on the back wall and off out to walk off all those carbs! Whew!


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