Flights: Buenos Aires to Santiago (AEP to SCL LA351)

I was ready for the off by the time I got to Aeroparque airport in Buenos Aires.  When I’m  getting close to travelling, sometimes I’m like “okay, let’s get out of here and get on with it” – like I’m anxious to see the new place.

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Everyone says AEP is only for domestic flights, but some international flights do take off form the teeny-tiny international terminal, which seemed pretty new and well-appointed, to be fair.

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The duty free was really high-end!  Great electronics and drinks options.

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But was it ever expensive!! I spotted this bottle of Blood Orange Cointreau (no, I’d never heard of it before either) and it was $55USD which I thought was a rip-off.  This did not come with me!

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Who knew that Crocs were so popular in South America?  An American guy pushed past the woman in front of me in the queue and had the audacity to be wearing orange Crocs!

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There is just ONE cafe, and it’s expensive, so save some dollars or pesos if you want to get a snack there.  I had a ham and cheese sandwich that was so hard, it could have been used to smooth plaster on a wall.

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Having said all of that, it was clean and the facilities pretty good, including very clean and numerous toilet facilities.

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This was the waiting area.  There wasn’t really anywhere else to sit.  A thing I’ve noticed on this trip (is it a South American thing?) is that people put their phone on loudspeaker ALL THE TIME to have conversations.  Not everyone, but enough people that any waiting area is like a yelling session.

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This man in the plaid shirt was going hell for leather on his phone in Portuguese. There was a flight to Rio leaving right before mine.

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Yay! At last, the flight sign showed up – on time! Woo!

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Latam is really good at making sure that people board by row number.  They split everyone into 4 groups: Priority/business/disabled, then economy is split into three groups, seating those at the back first.

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The seat was standard Latam fare – leather, not that clean (same on my last flight) but perfectly comfortable.  It was smooth sailing into Santiago, apart from a little turbulence over the Andes, which appears to be par for the course.

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