With a  late arrival into Santiago, I was mildly concerned that I’d get a shonky room in the hotel.  I needn’t have worried, I’d been upgraded to a corner suite – frankly, because I think the hotel was fairly empty in the run up to the Easter holidays.


The room was nicely appointed – a super comfortable bed and good quality linens.


Crowne Plaza had provided a small gift bag with some snacks and a bottle of water.


Good wardrobe space with all the facilities you might need… except no ice machine ANYWHERE in the hotel.  Room service could bring ice, meaning a tip every time.


There was a coffee machine and no coffee (I did manage to score some decaf coffee – although I’d have preferred full strength – by heavily tipping the housekeeper).


Excellent, a safe for all my electronic what nots!


I love having a fridge in the room, even if it means I can only fit in some water and a yogurt, it makes a place feel more like home!


Ice bucket! No ice machine 😦


The freebie shampoos and conditioners were fair quality – better than the previous hotel I’d been to in Argentina, and the shower was spotlessly clean.  Good work, Crowne Plaza!



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