Restaurants: Bocanáriz, Lastarria District, Santiago, Chile

Restaurant recommendations are not something I normally take or note down from strangers.  But an American couple I met in Uruguay forced me to take out my phone and note down the name ‘Bocanáriz’ for my visit to Santiago.

When browsing on Google Maps, I spotted that name and realised it was the place they had mentioned and it was only 5 minutes from the Crowne Plaza.  Worth a shot to see if they had a lunch table free!

First off, I followed Google Maps’ directions which got me there but on a bit of a scenic route through an area that didn’t smell great.  The graffiti was everywhere and was of decent quality, something I came to appreciate as there is so much of it in South America.


The buildings in the Lastarria district are often low set like this restaurant which goes pretty deep in the back.


I needn’t have been worried as there was only one other table occupied at 12.45.  It filled up while I was there.


In one room, there was the huge wine list and Bocanáriz has won numerous Decanter awards for this wine list. The problem when you’re on your own and it’s lunchtime is that all this is pretty meaningless as I, at least, was looking for wines by the glass.


The waitress was insistent that I try a particular Carmenère, which was also the dearest wine on that part of the list.


It was pretty good. However, I didn’t ever have bad wine in Chile, including supermarket specials!


I’m afraid my eyesight is not good enough to make out what was written on the glass label. Snazzy label, though!


I opted just for a main course, but this French bread was too good to resist.  Sigh. Carbaholic.


Lunch was a wagyu beef stew with carrots and purple potatoes.  The white cubes were tofu, fitting a Japanese theme but the broth was very much a European sauce.  It was really excellent and worth the recommendation.  A later visit didn’t live up to the hype, but that’ll be part of another post!


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