Eating Out: Restaurant Japon, Santiago, Chile

This isn’t a great review. See, I’m not always hyper-enthusiastic.  I got food poisoning about 24-36 hours after eating here and I don’t know if it was from here or one other place, but I was sick for 2 weeks.


First it was hard to find.  It’s opposite a Japanese hotel. I went into it by mistake and I think they were used to sending people to the other side of the road.


The entrance is fun and decorated in a lot of wood.


I took a seat at the counter.  There were also tables in a variety of small rooms, but I thought I’d like to see the action.  There was one Japanese chef, supported by 3 other chefs.  I think perhaps his son was there as a chef, maybe a trainee.  He didn’t do anything while I was there, just watched.

Those units are refrigerated and contain small dishes of pre-cut salmon and tuna.  That made me a little wary. How long had they been there, just cut that morning?


First up was a free starter of a square of fried tofu.  It was tough as old shoe leather.


A bowl of miso soup was very good, refreshingly salty and with fresh scallions chopped through it. Nice.


This was a California-style roll of avocado and crispy rice with tuna, wrapped in nori and sushi rice and salmon on the outside.


The salmon didn’t taste off, to be sure, but it didn’t taste as ‘firm’ as sushi I’ve had in London or Tokyo. Dodgy or not? It’s hard to say…


On the way out, I stole a glance into one of the function rooms – I loved the way it was laid out like a traditional Japanese restaurant.  However, if the fish is not just perfect, it’s not attractive to eat.

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