Restaurants: 2nd Visit – Bocanáriz, Santiago, Chile

This is a quickie review – you can find the original (glowing) review here… 

This is a grumpy response.  I’ll admit it, my expectations were raised by the excellent lunch I had a few days earlier.  This time, I was drawn in by the wine flights for which this place is renowned.


I ordered my ‘classic reds’ wine flight made up of two Carmeneres and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

I decided I’d keep with the fishy theme which I’d started at Casa Lastarria.


First up was one of my favourite lunches on any day of the week – smoked salmon with a potato and dill salad (a fairly standard Swedish meal).  The salmon here was fine, but the salad was dressed with a bitter salad with full-size capers and a LOT of salt.  I ate the salmon part.


The main event was Chilean sea bass.  This was practically raw in the middle – it had NOT been cooked properly.  The salad was again dressed with an excruciatingly acidic dressing.  Often such a strong flavour will be cut with a little oil or a tiny amount of sugar.  This was unrelenting and was, frankly, inedible.

I complained.  No-one came back to me.  I followed up.  Apparently the chef thought that it tasted fine and a partly cooked fish was an acceptable thing.

Stuff goes wrong.  Someone forgets an ingredient in a dressing or needs to give the fish a couple more minutes.  That’s okay and I’d not freak out about that.  But it’s how it’s dealt with that matters.  Bocanáriz decided my opinion about the food I was paying (a lot of) money for mattered so little they’d not respond to my complaint.  I wasn’t impressed.  But I didn’t lose any sleep over it! Onwards and upwards!