Hotels: Ibis Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Santiago wasn’t all glamour at the Crowne Plaza! It involved 7 nights at the luxuriously appointed Ibis of Destiny (em, or not…)  Having said that, the area it was in is very nice – Providencia – a slightly posher neighbourhood with more shops and (nice) street life than near Banquedor, which is where the Crowne Plaza was situated.


The lobby was clean and fresh and promised much.  I was given a room on the 16th floor (the top floor).


The views were lovely, if featureless, to be honest and I ummed and ahhed a bit about the level of the floor.


On TripAdvisor, someone had written “no-one wants the top floor, they prefer to be on the lower floors because of all the earthquakes”.  Hmm.  I reckoned I’d be okay (I was soon to learn…)

EVERYTHING was shut when I checked in because it was Census Day.  I mean I couldn’t buy water from a vending machine.  Everything.  So I went for a walk and pondered my food options.


A block or two away was Club Toby.  I think it might have been a special club with ladeez.  I use the term… loosely.


The only food option was the Ibis restaurant.  Think 40 foot spotlights crushing your eyes and the cast of Matilda the Musical tap dancing their 4 year old way through the cafe and entering into screaming competitions.

Dinner was supposed to be meatloaf (we used Google Translate, the waiter and I).  It turned out to be a boiled meat product, with a fried egg on top onna bun. It was filling. Best I can say 🙂


I was excited, since everything was closed, to do my ironing.  The Ibis has catered for all its guests by having one ironing board with one iron, in a special room.  Not that unusual in parts of Europe, in particular Italy, if I recall correctly.  It worked, it was fine!

Would I recommend it?  On a budget, certainly.  The room was okay, the paintwork and cleanliness dubious.  The earthquakes, on the other hand, were remarkable!  More in an upcoming post!

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