Laundry: Santiago, Chile

There is a commitment to travelling with only hand luggage.  Laundry.  It has to happen once a week (ten days at most if using up my ’emergency clothes’!).  No matter where I am in the world, I need to find a laundromat.

I prefer to do my own laundry – I get to control what happens with the machines and – although it takes longer – by the time I leave the laundromat, everything is completely dry and folded in a way that prepares me for packing.


This bag represents a typical large load.  I travel mainly with dark clothes.  In Argentina, it wasn’t possible to use the laundromat, it was service wash only.  There, both white t-shirts I had with me were badly marked by the addition of bleach, causing big pinkish stripes to appear on the material.

Astra Chile.jpg

The Astra was the laundry closest to the Ibis in Providencia.  Again there was no option to do my own laundry and a single load was expensive at around £14.


However, they did a great job so I can’t complain! 

Laundry may seem an odd topic for this blog, but the reality is hand luggage means washing everything once a week! 

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