Flights: LA801 – SCL to AKL, Santiago to Auckland

You may recall my previous flights with Latam, from Johannesburg to São Paulo, onwards to Buenos Aires and thence to Santiago.

I’d come to expect okay-ness.  Which is fine. Safety most important and all that.


Latam’s obsession with queuing was much in evidence at SCL airport.


The flight was boarding, but only for the 12,000 passengers ahead of me. Eventually I gave up and just got on. They didn’t even look at my row number.

Economy had the nice lighting which supposedly helps with getting some sleep.


Sadly, the flight was in 3-3-3 formation (I always prefer 2-4-2 because it’s easier to get up to the bathroom from the window seat).  I was in the window seat for this 15 hour flight.


The passenger pack contained a (nice) warm microfibre blanket, the usual easily-flattened pillow and a set of over-ear headphones.  Pretty good!


I bring my own (blow-up but nice) pillow so I actually got some sleep on this flight! Also luckily, my fellow passengers got up relatively regularly to walk around so I could get out for a walk around myself!


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