After the experience of the shonky Salon VIP, I hotfooted it to the other big lounge at Santiago airport, Avianca.


This was a relief!  It was fairly quiet when I arrived, and had good service and options! What else could you ask for!


There were plenty of non-alcoholic drinks should you feel so inclined.  The light-fingered among us should note that Latam Airline checks your hand luggage JUST before you get on the plane, so if you’ve bought a bottle of water or snaffled an orange juice from the lounge, you will be forced to give it up!


There is a station for wine and cocktails, with plenty of ice, restocked regularly while I was there.  I tried a red wine and it was super quality (most Chilean wines I had in Chile were good).


As you can see, it wasn’t crowded!


A little snack of strawberries and pistachios set the tone.


The croissant sandwich wasn’t very good, to be honest, but there were lots of alternatives for those feeling hungry, like a cold meat selection, hot soup and crisps/nuts.


This was definitely not a large gin and tonic. No sirree.


No wonder I look happy!  Avianca gets a big thumbs up from me!



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