‘Scuse me? Where’s the blog/MA at?

I did disappear a bit. There’s an empty seat where once we chatted daily. Sigh.  I got to New Zealand and started working hard on the MA thesis which is – after all – why I’m travelling.  I posted a few bobbets on FaceBook and kind of tailed off.

I’ve been to Australia in between and am now in Hong Kong.  I’ve taken a lot of pictures/videos and had a lot of fun in between working and those posts are coming up soon 🙂  Here’s the view from my hotel room in Sheung Wan which is fairly em, urban!  It’s about 30 degrees C and high humidity.


The thesis of destiny has gone through two full iterations and is formatted appropriately, at exactly the required 15,000 words, and is sitting on the desk of the supervisor ready for a final checkover and tweakage before being submitted – hopefully, within the next few days.

This is what a nine hour flight followed by finding a seat on the right tram in a monsoon with no phone battery looks like:


That means I have time for editing pictures, posts and thinking up all the craic that happened!