Airbnb: Herne Bay, Auckland

After staying at the Retreat Centre and the shiny Ibis Budget (!), I hotfooted it across town to my next location, an Airbnb in Herne Bay, which is a posh bit of Auckland.  I took the bus as I’m a classy kind of guy and I thought the main street near where I was staying looked pretty promising – lots of hipster cafes and little shops.


My hostess turned out to have been a TV presenter on TV NZ and had clearly done well for herself with her nice property overlooking one of Auckland’s gorgeous bays.

The key and a welcome card were in the hidden place she had specified.


The red Airbnb sign is a bit of a giveaway!


The entrance was along the side of the main house and was effectively the ground floor – but it was plenty bright enough.


The bed looked very comfy.  The weather was lovely and sunny but it was very chilly at night as New Zealand was heading into winter when I arrived.


Plenty of storage in there, a TV with all the channels and some rattan chairs were supplied.  The only thing missing (and there was room) was a comfy armchair to sit in while watching TV or having a cup of coffee.  The rattan chairs felt a bit temporary/left-over.


Great colour coordination with the art!


The bathroom was nice and big and in this Airbnb, the hostess had provided shampoo, shower gel, soaps, laundry powder and a million other bits and bobs.


I liked how it was fitted out.  Lots of counter space for my things.


I do love the idea of fresh flowers.  I’m also a moaner when I find insects crawling all over the place!


Keeping with the yellow theme…


Hurrah for free stuff!  Well, actually that shower gel was much better than the one I had with me!


I slept very well in this bed!


There was a whole kitchen area with most things that you could need apart from maybe a small stove.  That would have been nice for me as I was staying a long time, but for someone staying one or two nights, they’d never use it.


More fresh flowers/insect-encouragers!


Lindor! My favourite!


The hostess had provided muesli and organic coffee. I didn’t try the muesli as I had found a local cereal I loved and had bought, but that coffee was amazing!  I had a cafetière full of that every morning for breakfast!


Previous occupants had left some things behind.  I didn’t use these things but it was a good idea.


There was a lot of effort put into the detail at this Airbnb.


It felt very welcoming coming back in. There was a problem though…


I’m a bit noise-sensitive.  Okay, not just a bit.  In this Airbnb, the son of the home is a successful electronic musician and played his electronic drum kit (very well) – well, it is his home so that’s totally fair.  Although you then have someone in the basement Airbnb who is a paying customer, so how do you resolve that?  We worked it out very fairly so that noise stopped at a reasonable time.  However, I wouldn’t stay here again as beautiful as it is for this reason.  I accept that I find the actual prospect of noise winds me up!  That’s on me, not the Airbnb hostess!  You might just love this place – I did in so many ways.


Lots of thought – look at the little table and chairs.


These flowers looked great and they were silk! Very convincing!


I really liked the homeliness of this location.  If I lived in Auckland, it’d be the kind of place I’d like to stay!


What a gorgeous location!

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