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Restaurant Reviews: Dear Jervois, Auckland, New Zealand

My lovely Airbnb hostess in Auckland took great pride in reminding me that New Zealand was famous for the hipster nature of its coffee, having invented the notorious flat white.  Is it just me or is a flat white basically a small latte?

Anyhoo, both she and my friend Anthony said that there was a cafe more hipstery than the hipsterish hipster in the vicinity, Dear Jervois.  A word on pronunciation, about which I was corrected.  The existence of the surname Jervais (Jerr-vay) suggests that Jervois might be pronounced Jerr-voy.  It’s not, as it goes, but ‘Jerr-voyz’.  Hipster lesson ended.

It was just about 500 yards from the Airbnb to the cafe.  It was funny to see autumn taking place in late May and the beautiful trees changing colour.

Here it is: pretty unimposing, to be honest.

Despite Tripadvisor’s threats that it would be full at all times, there was plenty of room at lunchtime and I took a seat towards the back.  Staff were very busy and quite friendly.

I liked the kind of marine, New England look everywhere.

I ordered up a chicken and courgette salad.  It was very pretty when it showed up.

There was quite a bit of roast beetroot, which I’m not the hugest fan of, but this had a very mild flavour so it was fine by me. The pistachios and radish gave the salad a real crunch and texture.  The dressing was a light vinaigrette if memory serves and was just delicious.

I felt happy enough to take another selfie.  In which case, I must be happy all the time :).

Yes, you’re right, it was $23 NZD for a lunchtime salad.  Auckland had lovely restaurants but, maybe because of the exchange rate, I found it SO expensive to eat out.

Since it’s hipster coffee land, I thought I’d better try something coffee-related.  Yes, I know that’s a mocha and not a flat white.

It was gorgeous. But again, a thimbleful of coffee (even mocha) is not worth the outrageous cost.  Sorry, hipsters, I might have to hand back in my hipster beard!!

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