Mystery Quilting: Clue 1

Not long into my interest in textiles and quilting, indeed as my very second quilt (the first a simple quilt of straight line sewing), I came across Bonnie Hunter, the doyenne of scrap quilting and quite the tour de force in American quilting circles.  Bonnie runs an annual ‘mystery quilt’, clues released one by one, week after week starting shortly after the American Thanksgiving and continuing until roughly Christmas / New Year.

That year, the mystery quilt was called Celtic Solstice, the colours and design inspired by a trip Bonnie had undertaken to Ireland that year. I could hardly resist, but it was a baptism of fire! My attempt is shown below – and I barely dare to tell you that I have still not quilted it, just the top is made!  However, the good news is that a backing has been found, the batting (filling) purchased and perhaps it will happen in 2019!


I have not taken part in subsequent mystery quilts due to work commitments, but this year I have enough time to take part and so here is clue number 1!  All the details of how to join the mystery quilting process, this year called Good Fortune and inspired by a trip to China, sizes and numbers of pieces made are on Bonnie’s website, available by clicking here.


The first clue included four patch patchwork as you can see from my images.  When I have made these before, and when they are relatively small like, I have struggled to get the resultant four patch completely square.


So this year, I made them a touch bigger than required and sliver-trimmed them down to the correct size.  I swore at some point that I would never sliver trim, but despite my very best efforts to keep everything at the exact size, this is the only way to get it perfect for me.


And so I have managed to get them all done. I’m using up lots and lots of scraps from down through the years for both my reds and neutrals – no new material will be purchased for this quilt (given that my fabric stash is already enormous!!).


I’m enjoying the process so far!

Oh, and by the way, you can catch all of these pictures sooner than here on the blog via Instagram – I’m @treksolo over there.

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