I’ve taken a bit of a crafty turn this December.  A craft I don’t practice much is crochet. A few years back, I made some simple granny square blankets as gifts, including a luscious green Donegal Tweed one that I wish I had duplicated for my own home!  I used a pattern that I can’t remember – I’ll have to go hunting for pictures of that blanket!


Recently, I was given some wool by my lovely sister and I had a mish-mash of Debbie Bliss wools to work with.  I’ve decided to put them together in that most classic of granny square square blocks as a colourful addition to my home. I don’t think the colours necessarily are matchy-matchy (and I don’t think they even should be), but at least there is variety in the tones from light to darker that gives a decent contrast.

The second thing that I’m playing with is reversing the colour order – think positive/negative as I think this will catch the eye a little better as well as use up the wool more evenly.


I’m now hoping I have enough of each colour to see this through! Otherwise, you’ll be looking at a very small baby blanket. Anyone having a baby?!!



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