Mystery Quilting – Clue 3a – The Spanish Connection

This week, I’m in Puerto Banus, but I got Clue 3 of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt started before I left (see Clue 1 and Clue 2 here).


I realised that I had an Accuquilt die that would help me with cutting out the pieces that I needed (details on sizes and numbers are available at Quiltville by clicking here).


I don’t have a lot of green scraps in my stash, mainly I used bigger pieces for this clue, but what I did have (see the picture above), I’m adding in!


Those extra strips will come in handy for another project! Waste not, want not!


So the picture above shows the colours of green that I’m using. That strip on the outside looks almost black in the picture, but that’s a factor of the lighting in my studio – it’s just a dark green.


Phew! I got all of the pieces I needed cut – both greens and neutrals.


That makes it look like all my neutrals are patterned! They are not – I had tonnes of scraps that I used up.


Keep going!


While I was there, I realised I didn’t have enough of Clue 1 cut, so there’s more neutral strips ready for when I get home.


I’m getting a bit behind, but I’ll get caught up next week – I’m at home all week in the lead up to Christmas and I know what I’ll be doing outside of my chores and work!


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