Mystery Quilt: Clue 5 (and 3 and 1) Complete!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas – I’ve had a mad dash around having two family meals at the weekend and then two family days yesterday and today for Christmas and Boxing Day. So much delicious food that I’m bursting at the seams!

Clue 5 was a great clue to do over Christmas – except I still had a LOT of work still to do on Clue 3! You can see some of that in a bit.  For those following along, you can see my post on Clue 3 here (and Clue 4, Clue 2 and Clue 1 here).

This is a mystery quilt called Good Fortune by Bonnie Hunter and there’s tons more information available by clicking here.

If you’re wondering what all those little bits on the right of the picture are, they’re slivers of fabric. When I did the Celtic Solstice quilt (also a Bonnie mystery quilt), I didn’t do any sliver trimming – to be honest, I didn’t know a lot about technique and it was so early in my quilting career, I fudged a lot of things! A few years have passed and I realise that – despite trying desperately to get measurements exact first time out – that sliver trimming is an inevitability for me for small pieces, particularly those finishing at 2 or 2.5 inches. And yes, I’ve played around with position and the location of the line versus the needle and that isn’t currently working. But I just square things up.

As you can see, the story of Clue 3 (the green squares and chevron-halves above) and this clue has been tidying everything up afterwards.

But at least it’s done!  I thought I was a little further along than I was. Sadly, not! But I had time today, Boxing Day, to get the other clues finished up.

Clue 5 (this clue, see the picture below), has my favourite colour combination in life – navy blue and orange.

This one needed just a little trimming to square it up.

At last! Done!

Two heaps: one with right-hand side orange triangles and one with left-hand side orange triangles. I wonder how they will play when the layout of the mystery quilt is revealed?!


And so I thought I was done and could get back to my marathon run of the Portrait Artist of the Year (I’m still on 2017), but I hadn’t reckoned on the sneaky last 57 units that remained unfinished for Clue 1.  Slowly, slowly, I’m getting there!

Clue 6 is coming on Friday, but I will be on holidays in Los Angeles! Hoping it’s a touch warmer than Northern Ireland! I can’t wait to see if that is reveal day or not…

Hope you’re enjoying this quilt, if you’re following along, or that you’re inspired to take part next year!

Patrick xo

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