Restaurants: Jaw Sushi, Perth WA

In the spirit of it being mega-hot (low 30s) in Perth and not feeling super-hungry, I sought out a sushi place near my hotel in the Perth CBD.  One seemed to tick all the boxes, Jaw Sushi, good ratings everywhere and with both the salmon sushi and crunchy chicken-y things I love.


It’s inside a nicely appointed mall (Equus) near Hay Street/Murray Street and it has a sushi train through the centre, with high stools along one side and booths along the other.

The majority of products actually on the belt were non-fish, interestingly – the lady beside me taking tofu teriyaki (which looked great) and various forms of chicken-stuffed items floating past.  A drinks order was taken and fulfilled quickly and – as I picked up a menu – a chef within the sushi train zone quickly came over and took my salmon nigiri and tamake order.


While I was waiting, a took a hot crispy chilli chicken dish, which was delicious. I could take a little more heat, but I love the fresh shards of red chilli heat.


The salmon nigiri seemed quite freshly prepared.  However, one of the pieces had quite a lot of bone remaining in it- something I appreciate could happen, but which never has anywhere I’ve eaten this dish, so this loses a point or two from me.


Good, but I wouldn’t go back.  As you’ll see on my TripAdvisor review, I calmly reported this anomaly to both the chef and my server when taking my payment.  I expected this one dish (not very expensive) to be taken off the bill, simply as a courtesy, but they had little interest.  No big deal, but not impressive.


Patrick xo


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