Days Out: Perth Lunch Walkabout

Perth is the perfect size for an easy summertime walkabout.  I started out at my hotel, Miss Mauds (click here for the review) and within a block or two of a slightly less glamorous type, progressed past the Wesley Uniting Church on to Hay Street, which is one of the nicest (read: most expensive!) streets in town.


With the temperatures in the high 20s, everyone was out in about in their shorts or summer dresses and in good form!


It was getting close to lunchtime so workers were spilling out of the offices into the huge number of food courts, restaurants and sandwich shops.


I’m clearly hangry in this picture.  Showing real life, not Facebook perfect life-life!!


You know, I can’t make up my mind as to whether to buy the new iPad Pro and – about half way down Hay Street – found the Apple store.  My issue with the iPad Pro is that I’d need to buy the keyboard to go with it and this is uniformly available in a dark grey and is a full body wrap-around.  Why, oh why, would I want to buy the funky new iPad Pro and then wrap it in dark grey plastic and make it look like crap?


However, I can’t stop torturing myself.  I love the base product (but it’s EXPENSIVE and my current iPad Pro works just perfectly) so I will look at it from the outside for another few months!


Hunger took over the Apple urges and I checked out one or two of the food courts in the main work district off Hay Street.  This Thai place had the longest queue, and that’s always the best guide as office workers will not queue unless it’s good!


I chose the daily special – a red coconut curry.  The rice was sticky (this is good) and the coconut sauce was really great.  There was a LOT of chicken and the only veggies were baby corn (barf) and strips of cabbage. I would have loved some other veggies in there. Oh well. It was good.


Off Hay Street, there are a bunch of streets, including what I think is Chinatown.  I will be back in Perth in mid-March for a couple of days and intend to check this out more closely!


Hope you’re well wherever on earth you are!




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