Restaurants: The Goose, Busselton, WA

A few days back, I was driving from New Norcia down to Margaret River, and stopped off for some fabric stash (that post is over on my new site, Man Quilt, click here to open that in a new window!).

Buying stuff makes me hungry.  Saying that, a lot of things make me hungry. Including typing 🙂

Deeanne at the quilt shop recommended The Goose, on the foreshore of Busselton, this cute little oceanside town south of Perth.  It was a stunning day, just a few days ago, high 20s with a light breeze.  I punched the name into Google Maps, and off I went, finding parking right outside the building, a New England style building right on the waterfront.


The greeting was friendly and I was seated and watered within half a moment.


Everyone loves a fresh tumbler of cold water – no asking if you’d like the $7 bottle of water!

The menu covers plenty of ground from meat to veggie options, but the barramundi caught my eye. It was pan friend barramundi (a white fish common in these parts) with a Balinese yellow coconut curry and topped with a raw Asian slaw, served with charred lime on the side.


It came out piping hot from the kitchen – the crunch of the cool salad giving both a texture and temperature difference.


Although the meal was light, be in no doubt that the portion size is generous and I couldn’t quite finish it.


I had just a few minutes to walk along the ocean front at Busselton Jetty and I will have a separate post on that as the pictures I got are just so beautiful.

Not that my mug isn’t as nice in its own way!!


It’s good to treat yourself!  The Goose is the perfect spot to do that.  Next time: I’d take a seat outside on the covered terrace – it looked like those people had a great view and could make the most of the breeze.

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