Restaurants: Little Creatures Brewing, Fremantle

After a very educational tour around Fremantle Prison, the hunger came on me. It was 34 degrees with a mild breeze similar to the opening of an oven door and carbs were in order. I’d spotted that there was a brewery in the harbour, a place I wanted to see anyway and reckoned I could give it a shot.


As I made my way from the prison to the harbour, I spotted the Fremantle Market, one of things my neighbours on the plane over from Heathrow had wanted to do in the area.


I took a bit of a stroll around. It was pretty much like any other farmers market – which is nice. Lots of things I couldn’t buy or transport (mainly honey, fresh fruit or other foodstuffs).


The path to the harbour took in this lovely ferris wheel. There wasn’t a sinner on board!


The brewery was jam-packed! That’s always a good sign. Or was it?


It took a full 15 minutes to get someone to take my order! That’s frustrating when it’s hot (no AC), everyone is hungry and staff are trying to do their best but not able to make it around to everyone.


Please feed me! Eventually, my pizza and a beer found their way to me. I ordered a meatball pizza (it sounded nicer on the page than it looked or tasted). It was almost devoid of mozzarella. Sigh. I still ate every bit of it!


Not somewhere I’d recommend if you’re in anything of hurry, but it was absolutely fine. Actually, looking at that picture of the pizza is making me hungry right now!

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