Hotels: Grange Motel, Margaret River, WA

Sometimes being cheap (or on a budget) works out and sometimes it doesn’t.  The Grange Motel fell right in between.  The clue is in the title – I had thought I was booking a hotel, but instead these were rooms side by side with a car parking space at the front door and a further door facing on to a shared tennis court. I had Room 12.


There was a lot of dark wood. Facing you on entry is a little prep kitchen – enough space for a fridge and to make a cuppa.  That’s positive.


I don’t like it when there is no headboard.  But the bed was fine. The door in the otherwise featureless corner leads out to a small seating area and a tennis court.


Sorry to be a pain, but I also dislike leather sofas – in this heat, one sticks to them and I can’t help but wonder if they can ever be kept clean.


There is a huge storage area in each room.  I was here for 2 nights so just stored my bags here.


I mean, you’re not drawn in, are you?


The little pathway overlooking the tennis court looked a bit more promising, although an extra door on to a bedroom makes me feel a bit creeped out!!


The seating area is perfect – a nice place to take a cold drink and look out at…


The tennis court… well, it’s seen better days.  Just not looked after.


The bathroom is basic but did have everything that was needed.


There was a wide range of products.


And a loo with a surprisingly flimsy 99 cent store toilet lid. But it was newish.


The shower pressure was just perfect and there was lots of hot water.


As I was about a week into my trip, I was ready to get some laundry done.  Happily, there is a laundry on site and I was able to get change and powder at the reception area.


Just one of each (washer/dryer) but no-one else was around.




I did spot that much was made of the swimming pool.  It’s not near the rooms, but at the front of the ‘campus’ and was very small, but for kids this could be perfect.


A lot of attention had been paid to the landscaping at the front of the rooms and this made it look really well.


If this is a multi-year upgrade, I expect the rooms must be next. After all, that’s what you’ll be judged on.


Each room is named after a wine, but sadly, no taster pack had been left for me to try!


Overall, not somewhere I’d rush back to, but fine for the price.  Hardly a ringing endorsement!