Hotels: Ibis Melbourne (Swanston Street)

I signed up for an Accor Hotels membership a couple of years back, when the nearest hotel to Queen’s University in Belfast is an Ibis, and learned the joys of actually getting something for free with your Accor card.  The group includes Sofitel (posh), Mercure (middle of the road), Pullman (nice) and Ibis (em… cheap). Any of these that you go to with your card, you get a free beverage (soft drink or wine/beer), usually a free upgrade and free wifi. The upgrade is arguable but the free beverage is always welcome.

Ibis Hotels are hit and miss.  In Santiago, Chile, it was really quite nice.  Even the Ibis budget in Auckland was a winner for the price! However, Ibis Swanston in Melbourne is not one I’ll add to the top 3.


On arrival, I asked for a quiet room (a usual thing for me).  The lady at reception agreed she had lots of options as it wasn’t too busy and gave me a room, looking over a one block hole in the ground where a new skyscraper was being built.  When I returned to reception she said, “well, they don’t start work until 6am”.  I managed to work things out and get another room.


The facilities were fine, bathroom-wise, but the floor of the bedroom had not been hoovered and crunched with cracker crumbs or peanuts, depending on which part of the room I was in!  Flip-flops needed at all times! Luckily the sheets looked clean!


Water pressure was fine in the shower.


The room had zero storage – I have a main bag and a carry-on so this was a struggle. Not even under the bed or at the end of the bed.  Nothing.


This was as good as I could get it – one bag on top of the other – not the easiest when you’re looking for your electric toothbrush!


The wardrobe was a hand-rail and there was no iron.


I mean nobody had ironed the sheets (I iron my sheets religiously) but you can’t judge them for that!


Part of my Accor treats here was a free bottle of water and an apple.  I mean, that’s nice.  That kettle (see below) was FILTHY.  On the outside. No, I don’t know how you get so many smears on a kettle.


Focusing on the positives!


Here I am celebrating the room!


Sadly, I didn’t win that amount of money 🙁


On a positive note, there was toast for breakfast.  The bacon and scambled eggs looked like they had been dug up from the building site next door. That bad.


In my four days at the Ibis, I passed the following door sign every day!  What do you think they were up to?  I was slightly panicked that someone might be very unwell or worse in that room.  Must look up the Melbourne newspapers…!


In short: don’t stay in this literal dump of a hotel.  No way, sir or madam. Spend the extra!



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