This won’t be a long review as there wasn’t much to review.

Bianca del Rio, doyenne of RuPaul’s Drag Race, comedy queen was appearing at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre while I was in town – a no-brainer as I loved her acerbic wit on RPDR.

The theatre was a 15 minute walk from my hotel and I arrived in time to get a lil GnT action going at the little bar.


Bianca’s schtick, which works well on TV, is to be hateful to everyone, without exception (perhaps the story concludes that she has a heart of gold, or is at least redeemable).


I had a good seat, just 7 rows back.


I won’t try to repeat the show here – the hateful schtick played out and was very funny when it was tongue-in-cheek.  It got right on that edge between comedy and insult that some comedians manage well (though I’m not his number one fan, Ricky Gervais is skilled in this way).  Unlike Sarah Millican, who could be rude and edgy in her own way when I saw her in Perth, this was not handled with grace by BDR and instead was downright nasty – in particular, jokes about Downs Syndrome and disability that I cannot imagine would be borne in any way by Irish or British audiences. This was low grade and cheap nonsense – certainly the last time I will pay to see Ms del Rio.


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