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The shock of the humidity and heat of Darwin slap you in the face like an overheated fish in a washing machine! After a rocky landing at Darwin Airport and a quick zoom across town in a taxi, I hoped that the cooling embrace of air conditioning would set things back on the right track.


The Rydges Hotel is not restricting spend on AC, but in this humidity, it succeeds in feeling both cold AND wet.   The hotel is like a lot of American hotels (largely 3 star ones if I recall) that have an internal atrium, which feels rather dangerous!


I was to be on the 6th floor. The room was large but there the positives become harder to find as it’s all round a bit tired.


You can’t argue that there are facilities, but as a whole, there is no sense of luxury, perhaps simply functionality.


Both beds were sagging.


The dining or study area was perfectly functional.




The view is of downtown Darwin. This is neither good nor bad, the room is high enough to make street noise sort of all one level and thus bearable.


The bathroom is unprepossessing. Guessing that ‘functional’ is the best term!


The nicest thing was this range of amenities – they were good quality. More of this, Rydges!


All the towels, including hand towels for general hand washing are INSIDE the shower. Every time you need to find a towel, you have to open up the shower and step inside. I mean, it’s not a hardship, but it would make sense to have a towel ring or bar in the main part of the bathroom.


The mini-bar is well stocked.


An actual kettle (this is one up on the Outback Pioneer which had great teas and coffees but no kettle!)


The poor thing about the room is that it smells of urine.  Look, I realise that some AC systems can end up smelling a bit, but this was stronger and older. It’s not pleasant but is what it is.


I do love how most Australian hotels have a set of washers and dryers! I know, little amuses the innocent. Perhaps I’m never looking for this amenity in the UK or Ireland, so would never think to enquire about it.


And ice! But it’s weird (if you stay in a lot of US hotels) that there is no little ice bag to put in between your iced beverage and the ice bucket. This is definitively a first world problem.




I am not sure what induced me to take a selfie in the laundry room.  Perhaps to prove that I actually do my own laundry?!


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