I think there is only one LGBT bar in Darwin, right opposite the Rydges Darwin Central hotel and there was a large friendly road crossing painted in rainbow colours to welcome all crossers!


I was on my way to the nearest 4.5/5 or higher restaurant within a km of the hotel (and recommended by a friend of a friend) – PM Eat & Drink.

There was barely a sinner inside, though the AC was so impressively icy I wished I had taken a sweater! There was one tabler occupied by a manager and another occupied by two men on a inconceivably wide manspreading ‘drink the afternoon away’ ‘moan about the world’ outing.

I was seated beside them in an otherwise empty restaurant. Thanks!


Lunch options were still available although it was close to 2pm by the time I made it there.  I noticed the prices were much, much lower than anywhere I had been heretofore. I toyed with the idea of steak frites but veered towards grilled fish.


A glass of white wine showed up quickly enough, but I waited more than 30 minutes for lunch to show up (remember there was nobody else in the entire place).  I was concerned when I smelled some burning and plates and pots crashing from the kitchen.  A gentle enquiry revealed that tonight’s balsamic and tomato concasse had caught and the pan spoiled.


The plate arrived eventually with a delicious side salad and a delicious lemon and olive oil dressing.  Chips were crisp and fresh.  Upon enquiry, I struggled with the pronunciation of the type of fish – which turned out to be Jewfish.  When I searched for this online, I discovered that it was an endangered species, so I can only imagine it wasn’t that, or that I’m guilty of planetary damage.


This does look like a nice place and I imagine it has a nicer atmosphere in the evening when there are other people there.


Getting the bill was a real issue and I stayed at my table as long as was reasonable – it appeared the waitress was making a personal phonecall.  After I waited near the till for a full 5 minutes, hoping for another colleague to spring forward, she asked the person she was having a chat with to hold and berated me for not waiting at my table, saying that she would be on for a further 30 minutes. What? Really? Well, PM needs to sort its staff and process out!




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