How I spent a week off my PhD

So there I am, amidst the research and trying to write and attending conferences on Zoom (yah-boo!) and suddenly it’s over four months since Christmas. Four more months at home, shuttling around, making deals with myself that it’d just be for a few more weeks.

I was burning, not quite out, but the candle was headed for stump status.

I realised in any other lifeworld I’d had, I would have taken a holiday or a long weekend or seen other humans somewhere other than online or at the supermarket. So I took a week off. At short notice, all of a sudden, no plans.

I made a video about some of the things that I did. I wasn’t always as productive as this looks. I sat in my big comfy armchair and watched episodes of Breaking Amish (who am I kidding, I gulped down entire seasons). I painted the fence (I hate painting the fence). I ate carbs for the first time in months and steered clear of the scales. But I did do creative things and go for walks and petted dogs. I fed the birds. The things that ground me and give me hope and bring me joy.

I had a LOT of fun making this little video. It’s just bits and pieces and some lovely free music. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please subscribe over on YouTube, that would help me out.

Patrick xo