Reykjavik on Foot: Sun Voyager to Hallsgrimkirkja to Rainbow Street & Althingi

Good day to you! Yes, it’s a video release day, but for those of us who like writing too, it’s also a writing day!

Sun Voyager

Reykjavik is a delight to explore on foot. If you’re able, most things are within a 10 minute (max 15 minute) trundle around town. Footpaths are even and stable, there are signposts and there is lots to see. First up on any recommended tour must be the Sun Explorer sculpture. It was unveiled in August 1990 and was created by Jón Gunnar Árnason.

It does make you think of those kind of ghostly Viking ships that carried the dead, but that isn’t what is going on here… rather, it is a kind of dream ship directed towards the sun, carrying the potential of future trips. As someone who writes about travel for not-a-living, that speaks to my nomadic soul.

Not far (but uphill) is Hallgrimskirja, which dominates the skyline of this capital city and acts as a point of orientation, whether you’re at the waterfront or on the main shopping street.


Totally by accident, I was making my way back towards my hotel (the Center Hotels Plaza, there’s a link on here somewhere for a review of that!), when I stumbled across the Rainbow Street. I had heard someone mention it but it had slipped my memory and then, wallop, there it is! It made me smile!

A rare smiling photograph (well, staring above the camera and laughing is my go-to profile shot now).

Downtown is such a joy – shop owners have taken real care with their displays although this looked like something from the Nordic Zombie Apocalypse.

If you have less than 10 mins, you can catch much more detail and architecture of downtown Reykjavik from today’s YouTube video which explores this route and includes: unexpected singing, a yacht, some trash gulls and a deeper exploration of the fine liberties for which Icelandic democracy stepped forward first.

Here is the link to the video – please click it and subscribe (for free!), if you don’t mind. Merci buckets:

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