This blog is changing shape

It is time to admit it to myself. This blog has to change shape!

For a while there, I was trying to write up each travel experience as well as documenting it on the Planet Patrick YouTube channel AND on Instagram.

Or maybe it’s more accurate to say FEELING GUILTY about not doing it enough.

The fact of the matter is that YouTube and Instagram are the main places where I document my amazing journeys and that takes up lots of my brain juice: filming, downloading, editing, posting, managing comments and craic online. Adding a third, more reflective, written account of something already documented would be fantastic, but it’s hard to pack everything in to this amazing hobby.

This is no complaint. As you may know, I love to write. Particularly about travel! I will continue to do so in other, more productive ways.

But it’s time to stop beating myself up about not posting more travel accounts here when I’m already posting those elsewhere. So what can this blog do differently?

The new shape

It’s time for to transform! Every past blog will still be here, but I want to reorganise it as a travel hub and so that users can more easily find the content they want, as well as affiliate and support links. As this rolls out, you’ll find more about:

  • Upcoming Travel: get insight and input into what’s coming up!
  • Itineraries: find out where I have been, one page per series!
  • Travel Hacks: from packing lists, to booking cheap flights and hotels
  • Affiliate Links: from camera and gear set-up to packing lists
  • Support: find out how to support the channel to help guarantee great new vlogs!

This will take a bit of time to reorganise, so not all these features are yet available, but it allows me to provide NEW content that’s a bit more focused and doesn’t duplicate (or triplicate) things we’re already enjoying on video and the Gram!

In the meantime, I hope you’re able to enjoy the video channel on YouTube and/or the daily stories on Instagram, when I’m on the road!

Take care and see you somewhere fantastic soon!

Patrick xo