51st & Green Lounge Review – Dublin Airport

So if you follow this blog (well, please do follow!), then you’ll know that I love crafts and I love to travel. Even better if both are combined.

This time, I’m off to Los Angeles, and my lovely deal on a business class ticket (woohoo!) got me access to the lounge after US Customs & Immigration pre-clearance, called 51st & Green (51st is the name, I imagine, of Ireland as the ’51st State’ of the USA).

Yes, that is me in the restroom, and that picture is because I thought the backsplash of the vanity units was rather swish.

I’ve been in this lounge only once before and it was good but not amazing… This time, it’s much better. The layout is pretty good and the food area was better stocked this time than last, perhaps something to do with the volume of people coming through over the Christmas season?

There was plenty of smoked salmon, pastrami and salads. That quinoa and roast butternut squash salad was the main thing that I had and it was delicious.

This is the dessert counter. Nothing here tickles my fancy so I saved the calories for something else!

Those are very nice mini buns stuffed with ham hock and a little cranberry stuffing. So naughty, but so good! Everything else is vaguely healthy. What do you mean those are crisps/chips in the background. Those weren’t MINE. Cough.

All in all, it’s a steady lounge – good restrooms and showers for those on the run. Some people will care that there is no champagne or Prosecco on offer, but the wines are relatively good for a pay-lounge (if not quite worth the EUR39 door price for a maximum of 2 drinks, not strictly enforced).

When the price is included in your ticket, it’s always a little bit better! And that two drink maximum is not strictly enforced. Don’t ask me how I know! Hic.