Hi, I’m Patrick.  I’m 46 in January 2020 and started this blog when I was studying for a Masters in International Relations at Queen’s University Belfast.  After gaining a distinction, which I’m very proud about, I went back to a regular day job (boo!) and saved up to start a PhD programme in International Relations which started in September 2019 (yay!).

I love to travel, although I have curtailed the amount of flights that I take by quite a bit. 2018 saw me mainly visiting Europe and North America; 2019 kicked off with a long visit to Australia and lots more local visits. In 2020, studies will bring me to Rome, Los Angeles and Hawaii – likely the last of the long trips for some time.

Do check out my podcast on – please join me there and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify! There are lots of hot new interviews coming in 2020!

While I am now a doctoral candidate, I’ve had lots of fun jobs, including being a singer in Riverdance and Anuna, working in the City of London as a Programme Manager and producing TV and radio shows in Ireland in the early 2000s. This site is about people and culture and quare yokes and crafts and diversity and politics and writing and fun stuff, all of which shows up here from time to time.