Hi, I’m Patrick.  I’m 45 in January 2019 and started this blog when I was studying for a Masters in International Relations at Queen’s University Belfast.  After gaining a distinction, which I’m very proud about, I’ve been back at work (boo!) and saving up while applying for a PhD programme to start in September 2019.  There’s a lot of work to be done to get through the funding applications and no guarantees, so fingers crossed!

I love to travel and 2018 saw me travelling mainly in Europe and North America.  2019 plans have NOT been curtailed as yet, and I’m currently in Australia on a trip called 40 Days of Oz! I am podcasting about that trip over on – please join me there and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify!

I have worked in the City of London as a transformation project manager.  I like people and culture and diversity and politics and writing and fun stuff, all of which shows up here from time to time.