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Hi! I’m Patrick Hughes and I love to travel.

In the past, my work in music (Riverdance and Anúna), media (social, TV, radio) and as a program director (snooze) meant I travelled a lot between Ireland, the USA and Canada and Europe. My love to travel isn’t restricted to business routes. Rather, I love the process of a journey, the frictions, the curiosities that arise and so I travel for fun too.

What kind of travel do you do?

I like to experience the variety of experiences that flying brings. I’ve flown lots of economy and lots of business (rarely international first). I have *opinions*. I’ve used a lot of lounges, connected services and seen a lot of security! I’ve been lucky to stay in some snazzy hotels (the Peninsula in Hong Kong and Mandarin Oriental group stand out) and some great discount rooms. And some shocking ones too!

What is your job?

Previously, I worked for a financial services company in London. Now, I am a PhD student at Queen’s University, Belfast, in the department of International Relations. My work looks at borders and who gets to cross them.

If you have other questions, let me know!

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