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Hi, it’s Patrick. Nobody wants to be misguided by hidden advertising or recommendations online and I want to be fully transparent about what affiliate links are and what it means for you.

This site is about sharing my travel experiences, journeys and destinations and there is an educational side to it, what I call ‘smart travel’ (making good choices for your budget with tips and hacks I share). At the same time, this blog is a business that generates an income that allows me to continue working as a writer and film-maker. That part means that I need to show advertising (including some affiliate links) at times.

Usually, the advertising is very clear and appears in bounded boxes. There may also be affiliate links which don’t have a picture. These arise as I am part of a number of affiliate programmes, like Amazon or TripAdvisor, via which I receive a small income at NO additional cost to you and that only happens if you clicked on a link and bought something. To be clear, I use affiliate links for things that I already own, that I think are good and well-made, or that I’d like myself, or for a hotel that I’ve visited or know through friends and family. The retailers with which I’m affiliated are well-known high-street or online retailers and hoteliers. Nobody else.

While not every link is an affiliate link (not by a long stretch), it’s better to assume an external link could be an affiliate link, but you should know that I make a small commission only if you went on to buy something of your own volition (and having made that decision independently) and that you are not charged for clicking.

If you have questions or thoughts about this, don’t hesitate to talk to me about it. You can contact me using the form link above.

I am very grateful that you read Planet Patrick. I hope this notice ensure you are fully informed about affiliate links.