Friday 4 February 2022 – Portland MAX Light Rail

At some point, Riverdance’s Lagan Company DID make it to Portland, Oregon, but it was not in the first six months and thus was not an ‘official’ target stop on this ‘Riverdance Revisited’ trip. In reality, I should have been going from Spokane WA to Eugene OR, but the whiff of a bargain was too … Read more

Falling into Riverdance

[This blog is a transcript of the YouTube vlog of the same name, which is linked at the bottom of this page] Hatch  My first paid job out of college was at 27 Lower Hatch Street, a 5 storey, Dublin Victorian building.  It housed two independent production companies: Tyrone Productions which made programmes for Irish … Read more

Riverdance Revisited – A New Planet Patrick Tour

In case you’re new here or haven’t yet spotted my twice-weekly videos, here is my marketing blurb about what the Planet Patrick YouTube channel is all about: If  you’re new here, I’m a solo travel YouTuber with a taste for luxury.  This series is called Riverdance Revisited and loosely traces the itinerary I followed as … Read more

Finding an Authentic Voice

I was in Canada last week. On one evening in Ottawa, the rain started to tumble in fat generous drops, what some Irish people might call ‘wet rain’, instantly soaking umbrellas and jeans and shoes. I walked along Bank Street, its rainbow flags and cannabis shops blending softly in the reflection of the wet pavement, … Read more