Culture: Ulster American (Play) at Adelaide Festival

 When you’re new to a place, you make some schoolboy (or schoolgirl) errors. Mainly schoolboy. Misreading Google Maps is one of those problems. When you want to walk somewhere and switch it on, even though the little torch icon points you in (allegedly) the right direction, I have to set off in a direction before … Read more

Eating Out: Apothecary, Adelaide

My friend from Anúna days, Toby Gilbert, moved to Adelaide many moons ago where he and his family have settled and I hoped I would get to meet up with him! A visit to ‘Apothecary’, one of the top-rated spots in Adelaide was it! We were first to arrive into an interesting pharmacy-inspired interior, the … Read more

Eating Out: Flinders St Project, Adelaide

Everyone knows I am no hipster, neither in demeanour nor intent, and yet I find myself drawn to cafes and eateries frequented by earnest millenials pondering whether THIS smashed avocado surpasses the unexpected finery of a spring pea guacamole at THAT vegan pop-up. Such were the online debates about the Flinders St Project in Adelaide, … Read more

Eating Out: Hey Jupiter, Adelaide

‘Hey Jupiter’ is not only the name of one of my favourite songs by Tori Amos (click here), but also the name of a French breakfast joint in downtown Adelaide, much recommended. It certainly had the classic good looks of a Parisian street-side scene, if not the crowds milling past, someone smoking a Gitane outside … Read more