Friday 4 February 2022 – Portland MAX Light Rail

At some point, Riverdance’s Lagan Company DID make it to Portland, Oregon, but it was not in the first six months and thus was not an ‘official’ target stop on this ‘Riverdance Revisited’ trip. In reality, I should have been going from Spokane WA to Eugene OR, but the whiff of a bargain was too … Read more

Reykjavik on Foot: Sun Voyager to Hallsgrimkirkja to Rainbow Street & Althingi

Good day to you! Yes, it’s a video release day, but for those of us who like writing too, it’s also a writing day! Reykjavik is a delight to explore on foot. If you’re able, most things are within a 10 minute (max 15 minute) trundle around town. Footpaths are even and stable, there are … Read more

Secret Castle: Big Wood, Warrenpoint, N Ireland

I have been walking a little-known trail between Newry and Warrenpoint in County Down for the past couple of months. It gets traffic only from hikers, ambitious dog-walkers and mountain and trail bikers making the most of the steep slopes, great trails and slippy downhill tracks. Imagine my shock when out of the tree line … Read more

Experiences: Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Be still, my beating heart!  As I sit here writing (having just arrived back in Ireland), my mind turns to the beautiful Kakadu National Park as a cyclone sweeps in to the Northern Territory.  I was so lucky to visit there on a sunny, still day at the heart of what is usually the wet … Read more

Days Out: Flying Doctors, Alice Springs

Were you a fan of 1980s Australian medical drama-rama, The Flying Doctors? To be honest, I wasn’t really, but it was probably where I first learned about Australia’s flying doctor service and – as one of the things to do in Alice – wanted to see the visitor’s centre, which – refreshingly – makes no … Read more

Experiences: Uluru Desert Awakenings Part 1 (Ayers Rock)

The ‘Desert Awakenings’ Tour is another Voyages special (Uluru-based, Aboriginal owned and partially operated).  The premise is that you are collected at 5am – I typed that correctly (!) – and shipped out into the desert to watch the sun rise over Uluru, while being served a range of breakfast foods and beverages to while … Read more