Reykjavik on Foot: Sun Voyager to Hallsgrimkirkja to Rainbow Street & Althingi

Good day to you! Yes, it’s a video release day, but for those of us who like writing too, it’s also a writing day! Reykjavik is a delight to explore on foot. If you’re able, most things are within a 10 minute (max 15 minute) trundle around town. Footpaths are even and stable, there are … Read more

Days Out: Perth Evening Walkabout

Walkabouts take on a different, more subtle, hue in the evenings.  I like any walkabout that ends in a snack, a delicious drink, or lunch!  So yes, you’ll find me doing lunchtime and evening walkabouts! Near St George’s Cathedral is an installation of public art, our dear cousins-in-law, the kangaroos! This bloke looks pretty narky. … Read more